24 Hour Alarm Monitoring

Welcome to Peace of Mind 24/7

Any security system will fail without a reliable monitoring service.  That’s why we provide 24 hour monitoring at our central station, staffed with operators trained for emergency situations. With SecureCheck you’ll know your property is always secure.

SecureCheck has the capability to monitor most security systems on the market. So even if your alarm system was installed by a different company, we can provide professional security monitoring 24/7. And with our cellular back up, our station will still be notified in the event your landline is disrupted by an intruder, storms or power outages.

Whether you need to protect your family or your business, Secure Check offers state-of-the-art alarm monitoring in Oakland County and throughout Southeast Michigan.  Contact us today to schedule an appointment – 248-809-6043.

Protecting Your Home

Unfortunately, it is estimated that one in five homes will be invaded at some point. Fortunately, these intruders look for homes that are easy to break into and typically avoid homes armed with security monitoring systems.

Not only does an alarm monitoring system serve as a deterrent, if there is a break-in or any other emergency, a signal is sent from your alarm system to our central station. One of our trained operators will then dispatch fire, police or medical respondents.

Watching Over Your Business

With our own facility located in Oakland County, Michigan, we take pride in our personal approach to keeping your business safe.

Whether you are a small ma and pop shop or a large corporation with hundreds of employees, at SecureCheck, we make it our business to protect and monitor your business.

Our highly trained, experienced security professionals will monitor your premises 24/7/365.