Cellular Backup

What is Cellular Backup?

Cellular backup is an innovative security alternative to landline connections. If there is a breech in your landline, for example if a burglar disconnects any wires, this would prevent the security monitoring center from being notified of an intrusion.  Power outages may also cut off communication from your monitoring center.

Since cellular connections are wireless, your security does not need to rely on landlines to communicate with our alarm monitoring center. A cellular backup will ensure that if your landline fails for any reason,  your security system will still work and your monitoring center will still be notified in the event something triggers your system.

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How it Works

If you own a smart phone, you should already be familiar with cellular technology.  Many people have discontinued their landline phone and simply rely on their cell phone.  Just as mobile phones are replacing landline phones, some home security systems are relying on cellular instead of landlines.

These cellular security systems can send a cellular signal directly to the alarm monitoring center. Or they can send an signal to your cellphone carrier, who then transmits that signal to the alarm monitoring center.

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Cellular Backup for Your Home

Cellular monitoring is crucial to your home security. Whether it be Michigan storms causing downed wires or a burglar cutting your wires to gain access to your home, a cellular security system can give you peace of mind knowing communication with the alarm monitoring center will never be disrupted.  And for those who still want to keep their traditional landline system, cellular can be used as a backup in the event your landline has been compromised.

As security system technology continues to change, you can count on SecureCheck to provide you with, the most advanced, top of the line security solutions for you and your family.

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