Commercial Security and Fire Alarms

Watching Over Your Most Valuable Asset

You put in a lot of hard work building your business so be sure to choose the right security system to watch over it and prevent any intrusion, fire or theft.

Every business is unique and requires different levels of security. Whether you need intrusion, fire, access control or video surveillance, SecureCheck can create a customized security system that meets your business needs and budget.

Control your security system remotely, receive notifications or watch video footage from your mobile device.

In the event a break-in, fire or any other emergency, one of our trained operators at our 24-hour monitoring center can contact you to verify alarms, then alert law enforcement, fire stations or any other help that may be needed at the premises.

We are an authorized dealer for Honeywell, Elk and Bosch and provide alarm monitoring and maintenance for your existing system even if we did not install it.

Commercial Security and Fire Alarms Oakland County

security and fire alarm monitoring oakland county

24-Hour Alarm Monitoring

Even the best security system cannot be efficient without a professional monitoring service in place. Our security professionals are trained to handle any emergency and will monitor your premises 24 hours a day.

Access Control Security Oakland County

Access Control

Determine who has permission to access specific locations on the premises. Easily control access by employee, day of the week, or time of day. This holds many benefits over traditional locks and keys.

Video Surveillance Security Oakland County

Video Surveillance

Video surveillance allows you to oversee your business remotely with live, streaming video. In the event of a discrepancy, videos allow you to review footage and serve as a deterrant for employees when you are away.

Honeywell Security


Bosch Security