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If you are looking for a higher-level security system for your Oakland County business,  access control is the solution.  An access control system lets you determine who has permission to enter certain locations on the premises. You can control access by person, day of the week and even the time of day.

Access control cards allow you to lock or unlock doors automatically and track which employees went where, and when. This information is highly valuable in the event you should need to investigate a security incident.

Take complete control of access to offices, warehouses, and sensitive areas where real-time control and accountability of entry are important.

Access control is an advanced security system with many benefits over standard locks and keys.

  • Simply providing employees with a key means they can access your location at anytime. Whereas with access control, you determine who can enter and when.
  • If an employee leaves or loses a key, you would need to change all of your locks. With access control,  you can disable individual access cards in question while all other access cards remain unaffected.
  • Unfortunately, keys can be duplicated which means you have no way of knowing who has access. Access cards can not be duplicated.
  • Keys are anonymous and do not indicate who entered a location and when. Access cards create a detailed trail and deters employees from taking part inappropriate behavior.
  • No more hassling with multiple keys. Access control systems allows employees to open all specific doors they have permission to access.

SecureCheck provides installation and maintenance of Bosch, Elk and Honeywell access control systems in the Metro Detroit area, including Oakland County, Macomb County and Lapeer County.

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